Member management just got easy and FREE.

Member Manager™ is the largest single online member management solution in New Zealand - handling over 500,000 registrations, enrollments and membership renewals for Kiwis every year.

Built for schools, sports associations, clubs and other member based organisations. Save many hours of administration while improving communication.

Starting from 100% FREE forever.  See our pricing page for details.


Go digital. Avoid waste and human errors associated with deciphering handwriting on paper forms. No more filing.

Easy Form Builder
You can easily make changes to the question fields on your forms without incurring any additional cost. Decide which fields should be mandatory. Set answer choices and field types to make it easy to sort data.

Online Payments
Member Manager™ lets you accept payments online by credit card and bank-to-bank with automatic reconciliation to your online database.

Avoid Logins
The biggest problem with most systems is that they require people to log in each year.  Member Manager™ avoids this by emailing people a 'magic link' they click to update their details for the new year or season. 

PhotoCard Digital IDs
Member Manager™ is integrated with meaning that you can generate digital membership cards with the click of a button.

Free Website & Mobile App
Member Manager™ is integrated with meaning you get a free 100 page website and your own mobile app with push notifications and more.

CRM Integration
When people register or renew, your online database is automatically updated. You can also add, edit or delete records directly. And Member Manager™ integrates with other CRM solutions such as StayinFront and Salesforce.

Cloud Based
Member Manager™ is a 100% cloud based application. Be safe in knowing your data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed securely by you anytime, anywhere.

Easy Renewals
Member Manager™ lets you see renewals at a glance from one year, season or program to the next. Whenever someone is renews or re-registers, their record shows in green to make it obvious to you, and easy to chase up those who haven't.

Easily drag & drop people into squads or teams. Give access to a team manager or coach to allow them to see, manage and communicate with their team members.

Official Xero Partner
You can set Member Manager™ to raise draft invoices in Xero for you automatically. Truly integrated - see your Xero account codes in Member Manager and no need to  manually initiate a sync each time.

Export to Excel
Although you'll spend most of your time in the online database view of Member Manager™, you can also export your database whenever you want to Excel with just one click.

Desktop and Mobile
Member Manager™ works responsively on any device. No need to pinch & zoom. Fully ready for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Free eNewsletters
Send a modern and professionally formatted e-Newsletter to your databases with just one click.  Each email displays just the recipient's email address.  Includes automated Unsubscribe links for compliance with anti-spam legislation.

NZ Helpdesk Support
Need help? Our NZ based support team are ready and able to assist. Or check out the comprehensive video tutorials and online support resources here

Official SKED partner
Integrated with NZ Rugby Union, NZ Rugby League, Touch NZ, Netball NZ Centres and many Hockey NZ associations and NZ Softball associations for automated team entry into the SKED competition management system - the most popular platform for draws & results in NZ. 

Create and display web forms for enrolments, registrations, renewals, ticket sales, EOTC field trips, parental consents, absentee reporting, health and safety reporting, medical information collation, and more. All records automatically build your online database.

Give secure login access to others in your school, association or club to all databases, or just the ones you choose. Restrict access so administrators are only exposed to the data they need to see to manage their own member groups.

How can it be free?

Member Manager™ is provided by - the largest provider of web solutions to schools, sports associations and clubs in New Zealand.

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The official solution for NZ Rugby Union, Netball NZ, Touch NZ and many more.

Over 500,000 Kiwis register, enrol or renew using Member Manager™ every year.

The largest single provider of web services to New Zealand schools.

Most smart sports associations and clubs in New Zealand use the platform

Creating a form that automatically builds your database is as easy as 1,2,3

Easily create online forms with whatever question fields you want, including the ability for people to add their photo and even attach documents if you wish. 

Set the answers people can choose from for multi-choice questions. Decide which questions are mandatory. Drag & drop your questions into whatever order you prefer.

Display your form live on your website and Facebook. Also send people a direct link to your online form through email, txt message, mobile app, or social media.

Whenever someone completes your online form, their record is automatically added to your secure online database.

Are you a national or regional sports organisation seeking a database solution that encompasses all your affiliated clubs and schools? Check out SuperForms™